Nominations and Voting Time – s.y. 2018-2019

Know someone who is great at leading, counting money, or taking notes? Is it you? Nominate, nominate, nominate! We have till April 11. Send us an email, short or long – your choice, all depending on how much you want that person in that position, right?

Now, details: below are the key responsibilities for each title, some straight from our bylaws.

President: preside at all meetings, be the liaison to the director and school officials, be the official organization spokesperson.

Vice-President: think substitute – preside at the meetings in the absence of the president, “assume temporary responsibility of one (1) vacant position until such time as it may be filled.”

Secretary: take minutes of the meetings, present minutes at the next meeting, handle correspondence (think ), prepare newsletter, maintain contacts list.

Treasurer: maintain funds and the bank account, make deposits, maintain non-profit status and business license, report at meetings.

Trip Coordinator: head trip planning, report at meetings, work with the treasurer.

In addition to the five official voting executive members we have optional but extremely important other positions:

Fundraising Coordinator

Uniform Coordinator

Please get back to us with any and all suggestions! Thanks a million!



Trip Coordinator Position

KMS Band Boosters is looking for a Trip Coordinator for the 2016/17 school year.

Trip Coordinator is a fun position! You get to see all the inner workings of making a trip a reality! Then go on the trip and watch the magic happen! The students have such a wonderful time on the trips and Trip Coordinator is a huge part of that!

This year the proposed trip is Victoria and while there is lots to do, there is experience, files, information and help along the way for planning it.

Position does require the person to attend Executive Board and General Meetings.

If you are interested in becoming our Trip Coordinator please email Sheila Sullivan at:


2016/17 Booster Meeting Dates

bandparent3d-300Hello and welcome to what is sure to be a fabulous year ahead!

At our first Booster meeting, we voted to meet every other month. Meetings will be on the 1st Wednesdays, (see below), and will begin at 7:00 pm to 7:30pm. We will do our best to keep the meetings short and sweet, we know everyone is busy! There will be a few special meetings sprinkled in for important items such as Trips! This year one of our proposed to trips is to Victoria, BC! That is a big trip and we will definitely have a longer meeting to explain it all. You will also meet your student chaperones and/orĀ ask any questions you may have.

Booster meetings are an excellent way for us to share communications with you, and you with us. If you have any questions, the meetings are perfect, we’ll see you there! We will need to vote from time to time and YOU have a vote. You are a Booster member for as long as your child is in the KMS Band program. So join in and give us your Yea or your Nay.

Here is the list of Booster meetings for our year:

October 5

December 7

February 1

April Mandatory Trip Meeting 12

May 4 Surprise in Store! Also Nominations for Exec Board 2017/18

June 7 or 12, TBD, Vote in Exec Board 2017/2018