KMS Band Booster PIZZA Event!



Dinner is done!

What? When? Why?

On Thursday night, March 2, dinner will be delicious and EASY! The Kingston Middle School Band Boosters will be hosting a fundraiser at Kingston Pizza Factory!

Yummy salads, sandwiches, garlic-cheesy-yummy bread sticks!

Oh and of course, PIZZA too!

A percentage of all sales between 5-8pm will go to KMS Band Boosters so please come on out and support the Band.

Please share and spread the word.


See’s Candy Fundraising

Oh my! The excitement of it all! We have not one, not two, but three…yes THREE, See’s Candy Coordinators!!!

What a wonderful thing to have! See’s Candy is our number one way to raise funds for trips! Many students pay for their entire trip just by selling these yummy candy bars, so I am grateful that we have such a fabulous team running this for our Band this year!

If you would like check out See’s Bars please contact one of the Dream Team: Melody, Leasa or Tiffany:

Melody Bidtah:

Leasa O’Dell:

Tiffany White: (waiting email)





Welcome Our Fundraising Coordinator

We have a fundraising coordinator this year! I am so excited about this! Having a fundraising coordinator is a huge help in, well, coordinating fundraising! If you have any ideas, or would like to host a fundraiser then please contact our fundraising coordinator. She will be the liaison between you and the Exec Board. Simple! Wonderful!

Without further adieu please welcome the fabulous Robbie Sinopole! She can be reached at: or by phone: 360-621-6715.

There are many, many types of fundraisers and anyone can host one. So if you are hoping to help out this year but you are not sure how, host a fundraiser! They can be as simple as popcorn or as involved as an auction.

Fundraisers are a GREAT way to pay for your students trip. We currently have ONE underway: See’s Candy, but we need and would love more. Our proposed trip is to Victoria this year and there may be other exciting things happening too that will require payment. The more fundraisers the better!

There are two types we need each year: General and Individual. The General fundraisers are to keep the Booster account in funds to pay for instrument repair, new band items, the bills (yes even non-profits get bills too), and other miscellaneous items. Individual fundraisers are funds raised directly to pay for a student’s trip cost.

Don’t be shy, this is a great way to be involved that is as simple or involved as you wish.