May 2nd Band Booster Meeting

Band Booster Meeting and Executive Board Elections

 Wednesday, May 2nd @7pm in the Band Room

We will be electing next year’s Executive Board and we need YOU!

Please join us!!

We invite anyone interested in serving on our board to please come and add your name to our ballots. We will be voting on the following positions:

President: preside at all meetings, be the liaison to the director and school officials, be the official organization spokesperson.

Vice-President: think substitute – preside at the meetings in the absence of the president, “assume temporary responsibility of one (1) vacant position until such time as it may be filled.”

Secretary: take minutes of the meetings, present minutes at the next meeting, handle correspondence (think ), prepare newsletter, maintain contacts list.

Treasurer: maintain funds and the bank account, make deposits, maintain non-profit status and business license, report at meetings.

Trip Coordinator: head trip planning, report at meetings, work with the treasurer.

In addition to the five official voting executive members we have optional but extremely important other positions:

Fundraising Coordinator

Uniform Coordinator

April 23rd Mandatory Meeting!

Mandatory Disney Trip Meeting!
Monday, April 23rd 
6pm for all Chaperones
7pm for all Marching Band Students!
We will share chaperone groups and distribute important paperwork that must be returned before we go to Disneyland.
Families can meet their musician’s chaperone, get answers to important questions, and make final trip payments.
See you all there!

Urgent Uniform Needs!

Please read the following request from our Boosters:

We must make this shoe order by Friday, April 13. Please respond right away. We don’t need your payment right away but we must know your intentions. More information below:

Thank you!

Good afternoon. I’m Jill Call and I’m secretary for KMS Band Boosters. We are getting ready for our marching band season and I have some information for you. Also, I need information from you!

We issue a red polo shirt for each member. Please have your student try it on for size. They have grown! We need to make sure the shirt fits comfortably. Not sloppy, but loose enough to wield an instrument and long enough to tuck in, even with a harness begging it to come loose.

Black socks. At least two pair, please.

Black slacks. Your student has been sitting for all concerts thus far. Have them stand up! Have they outgrown the length? Considering donating yours to the uniform closet. We may have slacks to fit your student, as well.

Belt. No studs or grommets or large buckles. Plain black belt. Thank you.

SHOES!  If you are a parent of a sixth grader, or a parent of a child who thinks their feet have grown since the fall — please know that we fitted them for shoes today.  The cost will be 40.88.If your child is in 6th grade or is in 7-8 and thinks they need shoes!  Please verify by:

Responding to this email


Calling or texting Jill at 3609085244

Calling or texting Danielle at 3605093268

Contacting Kingston Middle School Band Boosters on Facebook


Again, we must make this shoe order by Friday, April 13. Please respond right away. We don’t need your payment right away but we must know your intentions.

Thank you!