The 2017 parade time is here and the trip is upon us!

A reminder that all students and chaperones bring your luggage tomorrow (Friday) to school. There are three practice rooms labeled by grade for students to pack their luggage in. During each class period students will do a little playing and then load their luggage on the truck. All students should bring a day bag/backpack to put their lunch/water/snacks and sweatshirts or light jackets in for Saturday.

Also tomorrow we have a pep assembly that we are playing in at the end of the day so students should be wearing school colors (red, black, silver) for shirts plus jeans. Students do not wear the red marching band polo on Friday.

Saturday morning all students arrive at KMS in uniform (black pants, black socks, black shoes, red polo shirt, white shirt for drummers and drum majors) and be ready for formation/roll call by 0745. The building will be open by 0700. Please be on time as we will do a quick rehearsal and need to depart by 0815.

Please make sure all proper student documentation is in order. 

As it will be warming up as the weekend wears on I have advised the students to pack light but remain as hydrated as possible. Please help remind them of that. Please remember that cell phone plans are expensive overseas. Plan accordingly so unexpected charges do not pile up. A reminder that chaperones will collect cell phones at night and will charge them up for the students.

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