Booster Meeting-VOTE


Next Wednesday is our Band Booster meeting and it’s going to be an AWESOME one!


So who do you want to be in charge of the heavy decisions, the money and Disneyland? This is the meeting you get to make your choice.

Current Candidates are:
Laura Upton
Jill Call
Nadeja Taylor
Alauna Sallis
Trish Torres

If you are interested in any of the positions, it is NOT too late. You can still be nominated.

See you at 7 in the band room!

Victoria Needs Information

If you have a student going to Victoria as part of KMS Marching Corps, Parade Squad this is you too, then you need to send the following information RIGHT AWAY to:

Why do we need this info? Border Security requests a Master List, (manifest), of travelers PRIOR to our departure. About 30 days prior, which is about two weeks and Sheila, the one creating this list for Border Security, doesn’t have a life 😉 She works two jobs, goes to college full time and is a wife and mom haha! So please email the following right away. It would be fabulous to have all the students info before this coming Friday! It’s spring break and Sheila is only at one job-hurray! She is therefore spending this break finalizing the trip details.

Sheila says: THANKS for getting me that info asap! I know you’re also enjoying spring break, so if you don’t get this until next week, it’s ok. I’m just hoping to get the majority of the 100+ done this week. A few stragglers is fine 🙂

We need:
FULL, no abbreviations, Legal Name
Date of Birth
US Citizenship (you just need to type yes or no, no paperwork to prove or anything here)

At this time we have over 100 students going and only 16 with full information.

Please share this on your Facebook, Twitter, email, verbally, texting, etc. to all Victoria participants. Thank you!

Thanks Folks!

Great news!!!!

We have enough chaperones and KMS Marching Corps is off to Victoria!!! Thank you parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles and family friends for stepping up to make this trip happen! Your support of our students is very much appreciated!

All chaperones have been contacted. So if you think you are one, but HAVEN’T received an email from:, then you are NOT on the list. If you would like to be a chaperone, we would love to have you join us! There is room for more, it means smaller student/adult group ratios, which is never a bad thing 😉 So send Sheila an email BEFORE THIS THURSDAY. The Master List is being sent for NKSD approval on Friday, April 7, 2017.

A personal note from Sheila:
From the bottom of my heart, thank you! To each one of you who are joining us as a chaperone extraordinaire-THANK YOU!
This trip means SO much for our students! So much to folks in Victoria! So much to Mr. Haag and So, SO much to me! If we don’t have enough adults going, then the band doesn’t go and it was pretty scary this year.
It takes some sacrifice to be a chaperone, the whole Booster Board knows this! So we the Board THANK YOU to each one of you and especially to our chaperones who stepped up in the eleventh hour.
I’m so incredibly thrilled!

Now…off to Victoria!