Chaperones Needed

There are some upcoming dates that we need your help with. Our band trips are only successful because of Mr. Haag, the students and definitely YOU.

There are four upcoming dates that our KMS Band will need some chaperones. Chaperoning isn’t all work, so don’t let that sway you. It is FUN to chaperone! The students will amaze you and as a chaperone, you get to see all the ‘behind the scenes’ excitement as well as the performances!

All trips do need an approval from the district. But its easy! All you do is fill out the Volunteer Packet and turn it in to any school. You can download the form or pick up the Volunteer Packet from any school. Here is the link for the download:

Here are the four trips that we need adult chaperones to come along:

  1. Viking Jazz Festival: Thursday, February 2. 8:30 am to 12:30pm. We need 2-5 adults to join in the fun.
  2. OMEA: Saturday, March 25. 7:30 am through the afternoon. The time is fluid depending on when KMS performs, but it will not go into the evening. You’ll be home in time to cook or  go out for dinner. We need 2-4 adults.
  3. Victoria: Saturay, May 20-Monday, May 22. This is a bit different, it’s the  BIG ONE, also known as the long weekend of FUN! We need 20-25 adults to come along so our student groups go down in number. The more adults along, the less students in each group so the easier to chaperone. Per district regulations we must have the minimum of 17 adults or the trip could be cancelled! Gasp! NO! That would be awful, so lets go for that higher number of 20+ and guarantee our trip happens. For this trip, you will need documents to cross the border. Here is what the WSDOT website says for border crossing requirements:

                                                      Identification is a requirement
U.S. and Canadian citizens 16 years of age and older traveling to or from Sidney BC  must have  one of the following designated documents: passport, passport card, enhanced driver’s license (EDL), or “trusted traveler” document such as a Nexus Card. Travelers must have required travel documents such as passports and visas if necessary, ready and in hand at the tollbooth.

Your last step for chaperone approval is to make an appointment with Therese Caldwell for fingerprinting. An appointment is required but it only takes a few minutes to do the actual fingerprinting. Therese can be reached at: 396-3007.

Once these three steps are complete you will be approved to become a chaperone for Victoria!
There will be a mandatory Chaperone Meeting for Victoria Chaperones. Date will be announced.

4. Portland, Wednesday, June 7. Times to be determined. We will need 5-10 chaperones to come along on this day trip.

If you would like to chaperone any of the above trips, please send your contact information and the trip or trips you would like chaperone to: Sheila Sullivan at

Note: your email will most likely go into the ‘junk’ folder. Please add KMS Band to the subject line so it stands out and Sheila doesn’t miss it. If you don’t hear back from her within five days, re-send your request.

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