See’s Site Sales Ahead

Nov 12/13- Kingston Ferry Terminal (There are 4 slots left available)
9am – 4pm,  1.5 Hour Slots

Nov 19/20 Food Market (Kingston) (There are 7 slots left available)
10am – 6 pm,  Two Hour Slots

Please contact Melody Bidtah for sign up in the above contact information.  Every little bit your child makes at the site sales adds up!!

Information Sheet for Site Sales:

  • All Sees Bars sell for $2, half goes to your child’s account!
  • Bring your own cash for start up/change for customers (may take it out at the end of your sale)
  • Please reconcile bars upon leaving with the next family
  • Take your cash with you, including sale and donation monies
  • Please make an appointment with Melody to turn in your cash
  • Last seller of the day, please take table and leftover bars and make an appointment with Melody to return.

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