Uniform Code

A uniform code has been established for all KMS Band participants. Uniforms allow for a more consistent professional image at all functions.

No Jewelry is allowed. — Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and all other visible body jewelry must be removed prior to performances. Hair bands or clips should match natural hair color or be black or clear.

Hair that is collar length and longer (girls and boys) needs to be pulled back. Traditionally, girls have worn their hair in a a French Braid and boys have worn a ponytail.

Please note that some contests and parades have set dress and appearance codes (i.e. hair color and style) that are a part of judging and/or acceptance into that event beyond NKSD Board policy. These situations will be addressed accordingly.

Concert Attire

Concert uniform1. White Men’s Dress Shirt with pointed collar

2. Black Docker Style Pants (No jeans or Skinny Pants)

3. Black Shoes (no sneakers please)

4. Black Socks

5. Black Tie

6. Black Belt (no large decorative buckles)

Marching & Special Function Attire

marching uniform1. Red KMS Shirt (provided by Band Boosters)

2. Black Beret (provided by Band Boosters)

3. Black Docker Style Pants (No jeans or Skinny Pants)

4. Black Marching Shoes (**see note below)

5. Black Socks

**Note: Marching shoes are a specific brand and style which can be ordered through the band boosters. Contact uniforms@kmsbb.org.

The band boosters has some marching shoes and other uniform items available to be checked out by students. If you are interested in checking out items, please contact Uniform Coordinator at uniforms@kmsbb.org.

If you have uniform items you have outgrown… especially marching shoes, please consider donating those items to the band boosters for use by other students. Thank you!

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