Uniform Code

A uniform code has been established for all KMS Band participants. Uniforms allow for a more consistent professional image at all functions.

No Jewelry is allowed. — Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and all other visible body jewelry must be removed prior to performances. Hair bands or clips should match natural hair color or be black or clear.

Hair that is collar length and longer (girls and boys) needs to be pulled back. Traditionally, girls have worn their hair in a a French Braid and boys have worn a ponytail.

Please note that some contests and parades have set dress and appearance codes (i.e. hair color and style) that are a part of judging and/or acceptance into that event beyond NKSD Board policy. These situations will be addressed accordingly.

Concert Attire

Concert uniform1. White Men’s Dress Shirt with pointed collar

2. Black Docker Style Pants (No jeans or Skinny Pants)

3. Black Shoes (no sneakers please)

4. Black Socks

5. Black Tie

6. Black Belt (no large decorative buckles)

Marching & Special Function Attire

marching uniform1. Red KMS Shirt (provided by Band Boosters)

2. Black Beret (provided by Band Boosters)

3. Black Docker Style Pants (No jeans or Skinny Pants)

4. Black Marching Shoes (**see note below)

5. Black Socks

**Note: Marching shoes are a specific brand and style which can be ordered through the band boosters. Contact uniforms@kmsbb.org.

The band boosters has some marching shoes and other uniform items available to be checked out by students. If you are interested in checking out items, please contact Uniform Coordinator at uniforms@kmsbb.org.

If you have uniform items you have outgrown… especially marching shoes, please consider donating those items to the band boosters for use by other students. Thank you!

KMS Band Boosters

The Kingston Middle School Band Boosters is comprised entirely of volunteers. Our goal is to assist and support the KMS Band program through fundraising, community outreach, acquiring instruments for student use, coordinating band uniform donations, special events and trip planning, and generally supporting our band students to make a successful and enjoyable year.

The Kingston Middle School Band Boosters (KMSBB) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has been created to promote, support, and assist in the betterment of the Kingston Middle School Band Program. The Band Program is a quality music organization featuring concert, jazz, solo and ensemble, and marching elements.The band boosters are responsible for fundraising, organization of field trips, coordinating volunteers/ chaperons and general support of the band program. As with all organizations, the KMSBB will only be as successful as you, the members make it. Please support the Cavalier Band and School Music Program.
Volunteering The Band Boosters is always in need of volunteers. Please consider coming to a band booster meeting held the first Wednesday of every month to see how you can help. We have positions that require anywhere from an hour of your time to three hours. All help is greatly appreciated. Please contact us at bandboosterskms@gmail.com to find out how you can help.
Sponsorships The Kingston Middle School Cavalier Marching Band is always striving to become the best that they can be. It is their goal to upgrade many of their instruments as well as their marching percussion. Due to the high expenses of the marching uniforms, concert attire, travel and equipment, the Cavalier band program is always in need of personal & corporate sponsors. If you are interested, please feel free to contact the band Director, Mr. Jeff Haag at 360-396-3480.
Thank you!

Students Can Earn Their Funds for the Spring Trip


It’s an amazing experience for a student outside of the Poulsbo Walmart to hear from former students who sold candy in their day at that very spot.  This tradition continues in many locations throughout the community, and you child can take part.  We make the spaces available, and with a pleasant smile and confident comment you child can earn their funds for the Spring trip.

Look for posts here with more information an opportunities.

See’s Candy Bars are a Huge Fundraiser for KMS

Yummy See's chocolate candy bars

Yummy See’s chocolate candy bars

They are here gain! A community favorite. You sell the bars for $2 each. Candy bars that are sold by your student go directly to their personal fund raising accounts.

Don’t forget to signup for selling opportunities outside Walmart, Albertsons and the Kingston ferry dock. Stay tuned for details and dates.

Contact Seescandy@kmsbb.org to arrange for pick up of bars you want to sell. Candy bars will also be available at all the concerts and KMS Band Booster Meetings.

Class Practice Sheets



Each student is required to invest an appropriate amount of time outside of class to be a contributing member of this ensemble. A recommended amount of time is 25 minutes per day, for some this may be enough time while others may spend an hour.

Practice sheets are used to record time spent learning music at home and is 15% of total grade. To earn full credit, students will need to practice 25 minutes per day. This form will be signed by the student and parents on the honor system. Be sure to fill out forms completely: Student name, band period, dates, times and PARENT signature are required to give full credit for practice times. Practice sheets can be printed by clicking on this link:

Melinda Enache has a great suggestion for storing band practice sheets: Tape a legal size envelope on the inside cover of the Band Music book. Cut up a supply of practice slips and put inside. This keeps them together and the signed slip can go back in the envelope. This may help your student to remember to turn in their signed sheets!


Be sure that your instrument is in good working order. Check important functions daily, i.e. reeds, valves, pads, slides, water keys, etc.

Warm Up. Like an athlete, a musician should begin each musical workout with a a slow warm up. Focus on beautiful tone quality.

PRACTICE DAILY. Twenty five minutes of careful daily practice is much better than two one hour sessions per week. Set a regular time, tell your family when it is, and stick to it.

Practice: Assigned music, Personal Technical problems areas (articulation, finger dexterity, tone, etc.), Sight reading, Theory sheets, Fun music – always end on a happy note so that you will look forward to the next practice session.

Difficult Passages. Slow down, get it right the first time and it will be easier at a faster tempo. Sub-divide, count rhythms out loud, clap your difficult rhythms.


Skyward Access Instructions – Your Conduit to Your Student’s Progress

Skyward logo

Skyward is the an online resource that has been adopted by the school district to provide communications with you, the parents and guardians. You will get communications from teachers, as well as the ability to track your child’s grades and progress.

Mr. Haag, the music program director, uses skyward to communicate directly with parents regarding your student’s music education.

It is recommended that all parents signup for access as it is a vital communications tool.

Download Skyward Instructions